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>> hello and welcome to "the journal" in berlin. >> thanks for joining us. >> here is that the headlines as though the world's tennis -- here are the headlines. the world remembers and mourns steve jobs. the man of images and metaphors, the swedish poet tomas transtrĂ–mer wins the nobel prize in literature. the world of computing and technology is mourning a major loss, the co-founder of apple, steve jobs, died on wednesday after losing his battle with pancreatic cancer. >> tributes have been pouring in from around the world. president barack obama said that the world have lost a visionary and a great american innovator. >> the ipod, the iphone, and the ipad were all brainchild's of jobs. >> a tribute to the man read, "to those of us that have been fortunate enough to know and work with steve have lost a dear man and inspiring mentotor." he he revolutionized the world with these products. he said that this was more than just personal computing. >> in 2010, we added the ipad. >> jobs was and innovator and a self-made millionaire. it all started in this california gar
us this footage showing clashes between troops and protesters. they say this has been going on for months. this is why we asked the government for permission to visit duma. this was the first place in damascus to see protests. as we enter duma the, the mood changes. we start to see soldiers. look closely. they are concealed in this all of growth. -- in this olive grove. we asked these men to go to places where people gathered. they take us to a filling station. we have been trying to negotiate with our escort. what we can see in the suburbs of duma, this is not very much. this is the time of day when not a lot of people are on the streets. people don't really want to film here. it feels like a ghost town. we have to meet people who live here. they insist, we need to move on. our next stop, a round about. pretty but deserted. we were hoping to meet some of the people of duma but it is pretty quiet here. we hear the call to prayer. can we go to the main mosque? they say, there isn't one. >> we haven't even talked to one person. you want us to go? ok, we're going. ok. they tell
. friday marks the tenth anniversary of the u.s. invasion of afghanistan in response to the september 11th terrorist attacks. however, taliban fighters are stepping up their offenses, making the prospects for rebuilding afghanistan unclear. a decade has passed since the united states launched military operations against al chi in a in afghanistan. the invasion also toppled the taliban regime. a new government was later formed under president hamid karzai, with international support. however, public discontent over delays in reconstruction has allowed a resurgence of the taliban. the anti-government organization has been blamed for recent terror attacks across afghanistan. the u.n. says over 1,400 civilians were killed during the first half of this year, the highest number since the invasion. >> translator: things improved after the collapse of the taliban, but recently the security situation has been deteriorating. >> translator: no progress has been seen. people's livelihoods have become much worse since the u.s. army came to afghanistan. >> the u.s. military began its pullout in july and
in london and then on the way back to the u.s. the italian court appeals threw out the conviction. the dna evidence used to convict knox was discredited. >> reporter: inside the prison van speeding her to court, amanda knox had no way of knowing which way the verdict would go. all she could focus on is, this is it. all or nothing. freedom or a life behind bars. the strain of not knowing, clearly etched on her face. the judge, in a somber tone, seemed to take forever. >> translator: guilty of slander, announced the judge. a sentence of three years, erased by time served. athen the verdict on the charge of murder. the judge declared she was free. knox collapsed. family and friends cried openly and embraced. escorted from the courtroom for the last time found not guilty. standard applause and cheers from the crowds gathered outside the courtroom. >> she suffered for three years for a crime that she did not commit. >> reporter: hundreds of italians shouting "shame, shame." after the verdict was red, a very volatile crowd, very angry, some about the verdict and also tension. and amanda, amanda,
changed life. and along the way, computing and music. he gave us something to point to with pride. he gave us the icons, fonts, shuffles and swipes of our modern lives. he was relentless, exacting and unique and he was dying of cancer during some of the most productive years of his life. steve jobs was apple and steve jobs was the american innovator of the modern age. he's gone at the age of 56 and we remember him tonight beginning with nbc's george lewis. >> reporter: with the help of a top design team, jobs turned electronic gadgets into objects of desire. there was the macintosh computer in 1984. >> and it has turned out insanely great. >> reporter: the ipod in 2001. and then in 2007 -- >> today, apple is going to reinvent the phone. >> reporter: -- the iphone. and in 2010, the ipad. >> so all these things, one after another after another it's like homerun, homerun, homerun. and there's only one babe. >> reporter: in 1976 steve woszniak and jobs cofounded apple and within ten years it had turned into a $2 billion company with 4,000 employees. >> they were the most fun years of my life.
thoroughfare still shut at this hour. >>> 6:01 on this friday morning thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. chilling new video of the cupertino gunman who went on a deadly shooting rampage then terrorized a neighborhood. we are learning more about his violent past. taina hernandez is live in the -- terry mcsweeney is live in the neighborhood where the manhunt ended. >> reporter: he was a living contradiction, it would happen he talked about domestic violence wrote a book about it but was accused of committing it. he talked about peace but died violently. some of the video comes to us from cameras at this arco station at homestead and wolfe road. shareef walking with a rifle he also had a handgun on him tuesday morning, this is after according to police he had shot nine people at the cement plant in cupertino killing three. then shot a woman during an attempted carjacking in sunnyvale. all day and night search ended 7:20 yesterday morning. deputies spotted him. >> our deputies attempted to make contact with the suspect. the suspect was armed with a handgun. all three
he used to inspire his life and his work has died. >> remembering that i'll be dead soon is the most important tool i've ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. >> his choices created everything from macs and iphones and the way we relate to each other. the digital message spread around the world to presidents and ceos to those who love what he created. >> it's sad but i think he would be pleased to see this store tonight and see all of the products he helped create. >> reporter: the legacy of steve jobs and apple's future without him "early" october 6th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning. i'm erica hill. what you're looking at right there is actually our neighbor here at "the early show." the apple store. that has not stopped people from coming by and turning this into a memorial for steve jobs. it's open 24 hours so always a steady stream of people but today they came bearing more than their apple gadgets. >> exactly. i'm chris wragge. when i pulled up this morning along the side with construction there was some graff
it. that was steve jobs in the words of the u.s. president barack obama. today people around the world are mourning the death of apple's legendary co-founder, jobs was just 56 years old when he died of pancreatic cancer on wednesday. he leaves behind an astonishing legacy of innovation and invengs that has radically changed how we communicate. why? because steve jobs made it easy and enjoyable. steve jobs wasn't just the co-founder and creative leader of apple, he was also its public face and its public voice. from the 1970s when he established apple jobs was there to announce its latest products, and to inspire its fiercely loyal fans. here's a look at steve jobs through the years in his own words. >> today, for the first time ever, i'd like to let mcintosh speak for itself. >> we think a lost them are going to get into the hole. we'd like to say they're going to get there through the garage door. people will bring them home over the weekend to work on something, maybe someday they'll buy a second one to leave at home. >> the strangest thing about apple it hasn't had a good
square. 17 people injured. a firefighter told us one of the trains ran a red signal and hit nose to nose with the coast star light train that was stopped at the station platform. >> we look for causes wherever there are accidents like that it is easy to blame the engineer or conductor or whoever is involved but the bottom line is there is more to the story than most folks might think. >> reporter: there were 150 passengers on the two trains. most of injuries were bumps and bruises and the serious is a broken arm. >>> a lockdown after a mountain lion was spotted near campus and one in a parking lot a my away. now, one person even got a picture of it. >> reporter: there were a few tension moments as fish and game wardens converged on this wooded area behind the parking lot here. a man reported seeing a mountain lion after 1:00 in a field next to the buffalo wild wings restaurant on monte vista avenue. they did not find evidence of a mountain lion in the area and say they don't know if the sighting was of the same mountain lion reportedly seen near an elementary school a mile away. >> our
. we are live at the dispense or and he says the u.s. -- dispenseory and he says the u.s. department says they near violation of the law. >> reporter: they are saying this medical marijuana dispensory is too close to that ballpark across the parking lot. >> it is nice organic marijuana. >> reporter: the medical dispensory has been running 14 years. her land lord received this letter a week ago saying he had to kick out the dispensory or else. >> he is evicting us or facing 40 years seizure of his property and all assets. >> reporter: there are appellants are illegal drug activity within 1,000 feet of school or a playground. >> it is not a playground it is a park. i have a contract with the town, a use permit. >> reporter: the federal government does not recognize california's medical marijuana law. she is one of 16dispen -- one of 16 dispensory fighting this. >> reporter: the national organization for the reform of marijuana laws says this is just the latest in a round of attacks on medical marijuana from the federal government. >> the barack obama administration is afraid that
steve has had. even the president used water to show condolences'. -- used twitter to show condolences'. >> he had a tremendous charisma, and he believed things so passionately that you would believe them. >> steve jobs, adopted as a baby and later a college dropout, was always determined to follow its own path. more than 30 years ago with apple's co-founder steve wozniak he said out to bring personal computers into the home. >> almost any time we had discussions about how something should be done, he was almost always right. >> the drive for perfection made him a demanding colleague, but he persuaded consumers to pay top prices for gadgets like the iphone and the ipad that look and often worked better than their rivals. and when he was forced out of apple for more than a decade, it changed another industry with picks are. he pioneered the animation unit. he tells students at stanford university that facing death brought things into focus. >> your time is limited, so do not waste living someone else's life. do not be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other people's
on with us tonight. we know there's not a lot being done in washington right now, this big debate going on about the jobs bill but the campaign season seems to be the key issue for many there. just a few days, he referred to himself as the underdog. do you think he's still the underdog? >> it really does seem like president obama is the underdog right now. now, the conventional wisdom is an incumbent president has a lot of advantages. i'm sure that's true. i'm sure he recognizes as well with the economy the way that it is, that it's going to be a tough sledding ahead. fortunately, i think he is working very hard and he has a lot of time between now and next november, so i do believe that he's the underdog, but i also believe he's working hard at doing what america needs done and that he has time to make up the ground. >> mayor castro, you're a democrat in a red state. you work with republicans. you got to do it whether you want to do it and you do do it. i wonder if you were in washington right now, what is the one thing you would change to end the paralysis and the toxicity. >> you kno
of protesters are marking on the u.s. chambers of commerce and promise to occupy freedom plaza on pennsylvania avenue. they say they will not leave until there are more jobs, less corporate greed, and an end to the wars and more taxes on the rich. bruce leshan is live for us at freedom plaza where they will continue. that's quite a list of demands. >> reporter: no kidding, andrea. a big big goal. the marchers, they have just returned here to freedom plaza after marching on the headquarters of the u.s. chambers of commerce. and they took resumes, demanding jobs, hoping to turn on its head, the chamber suggestions here that the white house, they are to be blamed for unemployment. and some of the protesters, they are blaming both sides for failing to pass a big new job factor. >> it's like we need to light it up. >> their chance to reshape the political and financial systems, to help the 99% of americans they think that have been dispossessed. by the power structure, they favor the rich and the big corporations. >> we are going to non- violently going to interfere with the work of the chambers of
takes away voters from us would be detrimental and anything that adds voters could be beneficial. i certainly would make every effort to have her on my team. >> thank you. that's all for us tonight. erin burnett is with us. "out front" starts now. sarah palin news, and christy turlington. >> that's right. we've got all of the ladies on the show tonight. sarah palin story. also on the front lines in pakistan, i'll gowin side a women's jail tonight. our guest, supermodel christy turlington shines a light on a disturbing statistic. >>> newark magazine calls us out, seriously. and the bottom line on sarah palin. breaking news, she is not running for president. let's go "out front." >> breaking news, sarah palin choosing not to run for the republican presidential nomination. she went on the mark levin radio show, made it clear she's not running and also released a letter to her supporters. she said, she can be more effective in a decisive role to help elect other true public servants to office. well, why now? scott conroy of role clear politics and co-author of "sarah from alaska"s has s
. >> an international murder-for- hire plot planned to go down right here in our nation's capital. an iranian-born u.s. citizen is in a new york jail this morning. >> he's accused of plotting to kill saudi arabia's ambassador to the u.s. with a bomb in a d.c. restaurant. kristin fisher joins us live from the saudi arabian embassy. >> it is surprisingly quiet out here outside the saudi arabian embassy awn day after all of this news broke. this is the official complaint from the justice department and it names two defendants. one is in custody. the other, a member of iranian special operations unit is still at large likely in iran. the man in custody is 56-year- old manssor arbabsiar. he hired a hitman that he believed worked for a mexican drug cartel. he was an informant. he was arrested in jfk on september 29th. not only has he confessed, he's already identified iranian officials. both men were charged in new york federal court on conspiring to kill the saudi ambassador to the u.s. so far, iran has denied all of the charges. >> this conspiracy was conceived, was sponsor and directed from iran and con
using the tanning beds. but the owner of this salon does not allow them in here anyway so she's not concerned. she says state regulators have been tracking down on tanning bed use since the 1980s. >>> we've had problems in the tanning industry from tan hopping. they will go from one salon to the other and there's no way for us to regulate that. >> reporter: so a new law signed by jerry brown banning minors from tanning beds is no surprise. >> kids will be kids. i think intervention is fine. >> reporter: kids have been able to fake bake if their parents say it's okay but come with this new law, you have be tole 18. >> you have to be 18 to vote. you have to be 18 to tan. >> i grew up in washington state where we didn't see a lot of sun. i would go to the tanning salons, but if i could go back, i wouldn't do it. >> reporter: researchers say those who use tanning beds before they are 20 have a greater chance of developing me lin know ma -- melanoma. do you think there's pressure to look tan -- >> absolutely. absolutely. >> reporter: now, if salons violate these new laws, san franc
jobs was just 56 years old. >>> u.s. stock futures trading higher this morning. markets overseas also up as investors grow more confident that european leaders are working to strengthen their banks. of course, the biggest crowd yet at the occupy wall street protests here in new york. thousands marched yesterday against corporate greed, corruption and inequality. police say 28 people were arrested, including one person for assaulting a police officer. >>> a second tape of michael jackson's slurred speech played for jurors at the trial of dr. conrad murray. jackson telling his personal physician he wanted to build the world's largest children's hospital with proceeds from his highly anticipated "this is it" comeback concerts because he didn't have a childhood of his own. >>> sarah palin prefers the role of kingmaker to candidate as least for 2012. she will not run for president, either as a republican or as a third party candidate. the former alaska governor believes she can have a bigger impact on the race as an unshackled outsider. let's head to atlanta and check in with rob marciano.
religion and ron paul will join us live . we have new e-mails show an obama fundraiser . rangel gives anti-protestors a shout out . another grass roots movement. tea party earned nothing but his scorn. we'll ask him why. i am uma and america's news headquarters starts right now. just remember these are values, too. one of the speakers who will follow me has poisonous language that doesn't advance our cause. >> a day after his mormon came under attack from the backer of rick perry. mitt romney is warning not to let religious differences override them. he urged republican to pick a presidential nominee who has the best record on the economy. they are joining us live with more on all of the controversy. high, doug. >> good afternoon to you and interesting back and forth in the value's voters summit over the remarks by dallas pastor robert juvries in brucing governor perry called mormonism a "cult". rick perry said that the pastor hit it out of the ball park fast forward and mitt romney peeking here and he was introduced by a talk radio show host bill bennett who -- listen to his remarks. >> i
for this issue. >> to substitute to go vehicles is troublesome and reminds us of a situation in philadelphia, where they have a similar type law. but in a ten-year span, over 100,000 vehicles were impounded, and this also raises ethnic or racial profiling. >>> aaa would prefer only tickets and fines for drivers with expired registrations under six months. >>> republican presidential candidates took part in a feisty debate in las vegas. they came out swinging against herman cain's 9-9-9 plan. >> susan mcginniss has a recap. >> reporter: all bets were off in las vegas as republican presidential candidates went head to head. >> i'm speaking. i'm speaking. >> this has been a tough couple of debates for rick. i understand that. you are going to get testy. the debate heated up last night. >> you lose all of your standing because you hired illegals in your home and you knew about it for a year. >> if someone who has a record as governor with regard to illegal immigration that doesn't stand up, it is you. >> most polls show romney is still the gop front runner but all the candidates zeroed in on geo
, the passing of steve jobs. >> the man who created apple. how do you describe a man who gave us a new way to talk? >> first not in my backyard or front yard or on my street. the fight over a homeless shelter in a neighborhood has people there speaking out. >> they feel a church's good intentions could be a bad idea. we were at the meeting tonight. >> reporter: the church hoped to move 16 homeless men in to the part time shelter next week and they still hope to do it tonight. they found out it won't be easy though. the meeting of drew a packed house. the ac wasn't on and the room heated up in a hurry. > do not have a good track record with us. it's hard for us to trust you. >> what about neighbors, what about the rest of the community. warm the streets of hope program plans to house 16 homeless men behind the church. the men would stay here ten days a movement officials say the men would have no felonies or sex offenses. residents were skeptical. >> i don't believe you. >> reporter: it sits next to a daycare center and on a street with well kept single family homes . >> it's only fo
. good evening, rachel. > thanks to you for staying with us the next hour. if you heard, word of the news tonight came for you on a device for which he was responsible. the iphone, the mac, the ipad. steve jobs was the man behind all of those. tonight, apple, the company he used to run announced steve jobs passed away at the age of 56. apple did not announce a cause of death, but it would be hard to characterize his death as entirely unexpected. mr. jobs stepped down from the company in august. back in 2009, of course, he underwent a liver transplant. and it was seven years ago that he underwent surgery for pancreatic cancer. just yesterday apple held a press conference unveiling its latest iphone. and i have to tell you, it was viscerally strange. really just profoundly odd not to see steve jobs up there on stage in his little black turtle neck and his jeans. as there were those years in the late '80s and early '90s when steve jobs worked somewhere else. despite that, when you thought of apple, you thought of steve jobs. we thought of apple a lot. just as much as apple was and still is,
and deals for us today. where viewers get exclusive discounts on items like an iphone case, faux leather jacket, skin caroline, a must have for celebrities, some of today's items nearly 80% off. and then, doing my art fern. and then -- >> a whole group of people have no idea. >> no idea. fruits and vegetables, whole grain breads, can too much fiber be too much of a good thing? oh, my! speaking let's do traffic, there's a backup. joy bauer answers nutrition questions in our "diet s.o.s. ". >> tamron hall at the news desk. >> this morning at dawn former libyan leader moammar gadhafi was buried along with his son and top aide. several were present as islamic prayers were read over the bodies. he was captured in his hometown of sirte last thursday. >>> in eastern turkey, thousands of people spent the night outdoors afraid to return to their homes after a massive earthquake and hundreds of aftershocks. rescuers are racing against time to find survivors in the rubble. so far they've pulled several people out alive today. more than 370 people have died in the tremor and some 1,300 others were i
's hard for us to go to her room. she'll never be able to start kindergarten. i can't teach her how to put makeup o. we can't teach her how to drive. she won't have those milestones, she won't grow up. now, what does that say to the jury as they weigh their sentencing decision now? >> that shows the jury the impact in very few words what is going to be for a lifetime on this mother and father and the family. the death of a child is a tragedy and there is no winner irrespective of what the sentence is in this case. the jurors are going to fobs on their own experiences and what rit's like to have their own children and grandchildren and what it could be like to lose one of them. in terms of determining the appropriate sanction for this sort of conduct. i would not expect there to be a lot of time ecpended in the decision -- exended in the decision. i think most have discussed this about the decision of guilt first-degree murder is a major penalty. >> what we're talking about is a potential life sentence or as little as 20 years and arguing for a li
. >>> that continuing search for the gunman in that deadly shooting yesterday, tara moriarty is back now to tell us what is going on this morning, tara? >> reporter: well nobody has seen sharif rollman who tried to carjack a woman -- rollman, who tried to carjack a woman and they believe he somehow managed to escape the area. >> we are fairly confident he is not in this area we have searched. >> reporter: they are waiting to see if their loved ones survived the shooting rampage. sharif olman opened fire at a safety meeting killing three co- workers and injuring six others. a local cable show he used to host and he had been upset about switching to the graveyard shift recently and had been in trouble for several safety violations. they uncovered four weapons but say he is still armed and dangerous. they are supposed to be contacting us on the latest search efforts, time now 6:02 tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the people killed in that shooting rampage, 51-year-old john robert from san jose and 58-year-old mark nunez also from san jose. >>> despite that shooting classes will be held in the area. a
, coming offer a nice day yesterday. thank you for being with us nice and early on this thursday morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm maureen umeh. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's get a check of the weather which, as steve said, lepts a see if we can continue the trend. >> we will. -- let's see if we can continue the trend. >> we will. i think not quite as warm as yesterday. in the low 70s. let's show you a look at what is going on out there right now. we have a couple of clouds out there. you can see cloud cover up to particularly to the north. some clouds streaming through our area. we'll a -- have a few more clouds. it will be another dry start to the day and indeed another dry day. let's go to the graphics. current temperatures around the region, 56-degree in washington. 54 out at dulles airport. ocean city is at 62 degrees. that is nice. baltimore is at 48 degrees. and put it all together, the forecast for today looks like this. lots of sunshine afternoon a few clouds this morning. mild temperatures, today ranging from the upper 60s to low 70s. we think we'll get to 71 in the dis
and joins us live from perugia, italy. what else did knox have to say to the jurors this morning? >> you know, she got up and could barely speak,ally. choking back the tears. they asked, do you want to take a seat? she said, no. she said okay. and she made a tearful plea but maintained her composure each time underscoring i did not kill, i did not rape, i did not steal, i was not there, i was innocent and delivered the speech in fluid italian, really, much more emotional than i've ever seen her. she has been emotional. and ali she threw away the script. normally she would try and read. this time if she had notes she bearly referred to them and this was something that came straight from the heart. let's listen. >> translator: i am not what i say i am. perversity, violence. i respect life and people, and i haven't done the things that they are suggesting that i've done. i haven't. >> moderator:erred murdered, i haven't raped, i haven't stolen. i wasn't there. i wasn't present in that crime. >> she continually is saying that, look, i refuse to pay for my life for something i did not do, and
to use another bank's atm. >> i'm going there right now. well maybe not right now. >> all right. a little bit later. >> carter evans, thanks so much. >>> "american morning" continues right now. >> good morning, i'm ali velshi. right now amanda knox is waiting to see anxiously to see if her murder conviction will are overturned. earlier this morning she pleaded her case directly to the jury. now they are deliberating. we're expecting a verdict today. we go live to italy straight ahead. >>> i'm carol costello, it looks like chris christie had a change of heart. now reportedly reconsidering a run for president, but there's one thing his team needs to figure out first. on this "american morning." -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> good morning. it is monday, october 3rd. christina's off today. i'm here the whole morning and was going to listen to whatever you were going to say anyway. whatever you said about chris christie has my attention. one thing his team has to consider first. i'm very, very excited about that. renewed talk he's going to get into the race. >> i know. it's really l
do we need to do better as a country? absolutely. let us give credit where credit is due. there are over 200 people murdered in colombia several years ago. less than 20, so far this year. the for my friends to suggest that somehow this language that the country and the president of colombia have agreed to should somehow be attached to hr free trade agreement is devoid of the reality of what a trade agreement is. no trade agreement that this congress has passed in the history of this country has included language to dictate what the other country is about to do or required to do. rather, our trade agreement by definition is the language in which our country is agreeing to a set of principles, a set of actions. so for my friends on the other side to suggest that the good work, the good gestures, the promises of the santos administration of the colombian congress could show how -- should somehow be amended and adopted to our trade agreement is not only setting a double standard but is breaking from past practice of how we past trade agreements and negotiate good faith with o
and yards that we're paying closer attention, people are giving us information. we'll send team there's to try to locate him. >> not far from almond's car was found, investigators located a rifle. >> i knew he had a gun. i didn't know he had a collection of gun autos michelle says he's a friend of his. >> he has too much to live for. for him to snap is out of character as long as i've known him for him to act like this. >> neighborhood search began after a woman was shot during an attempted car jacking in the parking lot of an hp building. witses say the suspect matching the description ran into the neighborhood. >> i heard three gunshots. then, my -- then, we started to hear siren autos at one point, police searched a play structure in a neighborhood park and surrounded a bathroom where it appeared the suspect might have been. those who live nearby were told to shelter in place. >> unsettling not knowing what's happening. so we called on neighbors to make sure they're okay. >> and this is a live picture here, and you can see two police officers armed and have been here all day. cars
protests continue. it's all coming up tonight on the ed show. stay with us. let's get to work. >>> one of the greatest inknow rate issers of american technology, the thomas edison of the 21st century, steve jobs has lost his battle to pancreatic cancer at the age of 56. this man impacted almost every facet of our lives and changed communication forever in this country. jobs he jobs' impact will be felt for generations to come. his life and time, let's review it here tonight on msnbc. >> he was the father of the iphone, the ipod and the am mac computer, turning elech tropic gadgets into on joeskts desire. >> i think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful. >> reporter: as he was fond of saying, wait, there's more. >> today, apple is going to reinvent the phone. >> reporter: and people did wait. in long lines for the first iphones in 2007. then, three years later they lined up for the ipad, changing the way people consume media. >> design plus function equals the right lifestyle and that's what he filled. >> reporter: in 1976, jobs
lit distance between people and the power of technology. that does it for us tonight. now it's time for "the ed show." good night. >>> good evening, americans and welcome to "the ed show" tonight from lower manhattan in new york city. america has lost a technological giant. steve jobs is dead at the age of 56. we will talk about his impact on our lives. >>> and here in lower manhattan, the wall street occupation protests continue. it's all coming up tonight on the ed show. stay with us. let's get to work. >>> one of the greatest inknow rate issers of american technology, the thomas edison of the 21st century, steve jobs has lost his battle to pancreatic cancer at the age of 56. this man impacted almost every facet of our lives and changed communication forever in this country. jobs he jobs' impact will be felt for generations to come. his life and time, let's review it here tonight on msnbc. >> he was the father of the iphone, the ipod and the am mac computer, turning elech tropic gadgets into on joeskts desire. >> i think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you s
us live now from city hall where she talked to people about the motivation for the march. >> reporter: ken, right now the general assembly meeting is going on. this is a meeting that happens every night but today was actually the first time that they held a major march. this was the sound today of more than 100 protesters occupying the streets of oakland. the group left the occupy oakland camp and marched through downtown. >> america is broken. it is seriously broken and it needs to be fixed. >> reporter: the crowd a cross section of people with people mixing in but all equally enpassioned. >> the government is not helping anybody else. they're foreclosing on people. the people are losing their homes. >> reporter: many vets can't find work. >> we need jobs, right now they're basically struggling to survive. and it's not right. >> reporter: the marchers made just one stop outside the county jail. >> i want our government to spend more money on social programs that help our communities. i want them to better our schools and give our libraries back to us. >> reporter: police blocked inte
't succeed and pull the ladder of opportunity up. >> a lot of us when we are kids and our parents say to whom much is given, much is expected. with the 1% of the country protected by who is leading the charge in washington on the hill anyway. want to say the "new york times" columnist weighed in today on the wall street protests write this in the times. not the protesters who are trying to get heard, but the extremists are olegarks who want to suppress the sources of their wealth. how much can this go on? >> i thought that was bizarre. basically he's attacking people for criticizing occupy wall street. shocking. there is a left wing movement in america and conservative politicians disagree and don't like it. when the tea party was coming out and politicians were reasonable because it was conservative. >> isn't this what's expected? the other side is pushing back. it's this push and pull like a rubber band. >> the opponents are his opponents. big deal. the occupy wall street people are generating a lot of noise and the movement is growing and the measure of a success is not poll numbers of wha
at the expectations. business and economics correspondent rebecca jarvis joins us this morning with more. so give us an idea what are people expecting this morning? >> analysts on average are expecting to learn today that the economy created 65,000 jobs in the month of september and that did nothing for the unemployment rate. in fact, it notched higher to 9.2% according to their expectations. two things to keep in mind when you look at these numbers. first off, last month, economists and analysts got that number wrong. they actually thought it was going to be better than what it turned out to be. second of all just to keep pace with population growth you need 150,000 new jobs every month, so this number, even though there is jobs created, it doesn't keep pace with population growth and when you go back in time and you look back at where we have been in this economy, for two years plus now we have been near or above 9% unemployment. you have to go all the way back to january of 2008 to find a time where unemployment was at a norm normalized level which was 5%. >> will the number
rita, she's 93. >> she provides us with cool treasures during the summer season? >> we could honor her with that. >> i wanted to honor you, miss rita, it's 60 degrees this morning. i showed you that put it in perspective. what a huge spread, at the elementary school, it's 39 degrees. that is a big difference. but in just baltimore county, we have 47, and 50 by the water. we're looking at temperatures today that will not be responding to the winds but the sun. we have a light breeze and it's brought back a light chill. we're looking at a good morning in low to mid-40s. crisp to 50 by the bay. we're looking for a nice warmup. with lunchtime temperatures at 63, we're aiming for high of 68. cooler than yesterday but we'll get back. let's go to the roads. >>> earlier accident 295 at 198 is now out of the way. we're doing pretty well on the beltway. there is near 795, no issues to report. both loops are moving pretty well. 95 at the tunnel we have two lanes closed. that's bore one that is closed, bore 4 northbound is closed due to signal problems. drive times are doing okay so far. >>> w
in his news conference. >> the overall portfolio has been successful. it has allowed us to help companies, for example, start advanced battery manufacturing here in the united states. it's helped to create jobs. >> and so, dan, the president says it's successful. then within hours the official who runs it resigns. it's going to lead a lot of fresh questions in washington, isn't it? >> reporter: well, certainly. i mean some people would certainly point to this as an example that everything did not go as this administration has been trying to make it seem, that this was a program that was very strong. that this was vetted in the right way. that there are risks when you get into these kinds of investments. 20/20 hindsight we've heard the president say but still standing behind this program despite the fact that we saw those red flags that were raised not only inside but outside the administration, all of that coming out in the congressional investigation. but the president again pointing out that it's important for the u.s. to back this kind of technology because not only will it lead to job
is going to reinvent the phone. a truly magical and revolutionary product today. again, using this thing is remarkable. it's so much more intimate. thanks for coming today. >> remembering that i'll be dead soon is the most important tool i've ever encountered to help me make big choices in life. because almost everything, all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure, these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important, remembering that you are going to die is the best way i know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. you are already naked, there is no reason not to follow your heart. >> good morning, it's thursday, october 6th. we're live here from pensacola, florida, this morning. and with us onset back in new york along with willie geist, mike barnicle, pat buchanan, and the managing editor of "fortune" magazine, a magazine which named steve jobs the ceo of the last quarter century. and andy, i want to start with you because you spoke with steve jobs an awful lot on the phone. >> yep. >> you had more ac
their mortgage bills. norah o'donnell joins us this morning with the details. good morning. >> good morning to you. >> reporter: the president's jobs billed is stalled in congress. today, president obama is going to begin a series of executive branch actions in order to help jump-start the economy. first up, housing. guess what? the president is on the west coast today. he is going to be in las vegas which, of course, is the heart of the housing problem in this country. we know, of course, that many people believe that the housing recovery is tied to economic recovery. so here is what the president is going to be doing today. he is announcing what senior officials call major overhaul of the underused refinance program. bottom line, you've under water and you've been paying your bills and you can't refinance and can't get ahold of the great rates out there for people this program the president will announce will enable people to fix that and remove a lot of the barriers in place for people who can't refinance and take advantage of some of the savings out there. i think you'll hear the presid
had been tampered with by the time they got to the victim but would not give us any details on how exactly it may have been compromised. one woman who was at the funeral said she and her husband had just left when she heard about the shooting. >> i'm just shocked. i'm really shocked that something would happen because i've known hell's angels and all the other groups for years and years and years and there is a code of ethics. you never do anything at a funeral. i mean, just -- that is completely abominable. >> reporter: police say so far no one has been arrested and they have no suspects. right now they are still working on interviewing witnesses. police say there were 4,000 people at the funeral for pettigrew when the shooting occurred. he was shot last month in a casino in sparks, nevada allegedly by a member of the rival club. the cemetery has been shut down as well as the surrounding streets as i mentioned as investigators gather what evidence they can. live in san jose, kimberly terry, nbc. >> thank you. >>> tens of thousands of people around the world took to the streets tod
makovec shows us the dramatic rescue from a firefighter's point of view and joins us with more from concord. >> reporter: these images were caught from the top of the firefighter's helmet like this one for the contra costa fire protection district. a little camera mounted there right on the rim. and normally, these cameras are used for training purposes. but this morning, they captured some amazing images of a rescue. these images were caught on a helmet cam worn by a firefighter who today can also be called a hero. you can see him making his way through this smoke filled hallway following the cries of an elderly woman who can't get out of her bed. he ends up carrying her to safety. >> it was awesome. you know? it's every firefighter's i guess dream is to make a difference in somebody else's life and to be able to jump in at that particular time and be able to do that and make a difference, it is great. >> reporter: there was another woman inside a hall. she was escorted out by firefighter nick long. neighbors called 911 after smelling smoke but not quite knowing where it was coming
was locked in a closet and literally starved to death. >>> well, there are a lot of u.s. marines who are angry today because they are being told that they can't wear bracelets bearing the names of fallen marines. marine corps regulations prohibit jewelry except for rings and watches. well, the corps made an exception for a prisoner of war and missing in action bracelets in the 1970s. marines want a similar exception for the killed in action bracelets as well. >>> president obama is about to hammer republicans on jobs. he's going to to speak at a community college in jamestown, north carolina. republican lawmakers blocked the president's jobs bill, but the president now chopped the package into bite-sized pieces. he wants lawmakers to vote on a $35 billion package this week that's supposed to save the jobs of teachers, police and firefighters. this is day two of his three-day bus tour to promote the jobs bill. >>> uh-oh, for the white house, that's right, a tv station in richmond, virginia, is saying that a truck carrying the president's teleprompter, podium and other equipment was st
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